Specialty Chewing Gums and Gum Bases

Proprietary formulations, processees and delivery forms

Unique top of the line technology products with special benefits and claims, release of actives, oral care, special custom gum bases and lots of juiciness special flavor-sweetener-coolness blends, long lasting taste, non-stick to most dental work, good chew.

Oral Care

Tooth Whitening Chewing Gums

  • Encaps Sodium Bicarb
  • Encaps Proprietary Blends
  • Longer lasting Oral PH.

Breathe Freshening Chewing Gums

  • Metallic Ions
  • Proprietary Blends
  • Removes malodors of Onions, Garlic, Smoke, Alcohol,
  • Reduces teeth stains,
  • Long lasting breathe freshning

Long lasting taste Chewing Gums

  • Flavor+Sweetener combo
  • Custom Chewing Gums

Cooling Sensation Chewing Gums

  • Cooling Compounds
  • Menthol+Flavor+Cooling Blends
  • Prolongation of cooling sensation

Long lasting Sourness/Juciness Chewing Gums

  • Citric Acid for gums
  • Citric Acid for Confectionary
  • Acid+Flavor
  • Acid+Flavor+Sweetener
  • Malic Acid
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • Blends

Custom Functional Chewing Gums

  • Caffeine - Energy and stay fresh
  • Potassium Chloride - Oral pain reduction

Specialty Chewing Gums

S.No Therapeutic Category Actives, Benefits and Possible Claims
1 Oral care – breath freshening, Clinically tested, long lasting up to 4 hours -Onion, Garlic, Coffee
-Oral pH modifier
2 Oral care Xerostomia, Salivation

1. Salivation –treatment for Dry mouth patients
2. Sports chunk bubble gum with mineral supplement quench…pot salts, pot polyphosphate, B vitamins, salivation.
3 Pre Cold Metallic salts in ionic form + oral delivery for instant and longer time delivery with encapsulated blend of metal salts, Salivation, Anti-microbial activity
4 Energy – Stimulant Energy, Awake, salivating, taste. No sugar
5 Oral care – Teeth Whitening
Oral care: pH modifier for mucosa delivery actives in oral cavity
Long lasting pH , emulsification, and coarse particle rubbing

Instant and prolonged pH release
6 Energy – Immunity : vitamins B, D3 and others Energy and Immunity support

Gum Bases

Non-nutritive, non digestible, masticatory substance

  • Gum Base used to carry Sugar-free and or sugared materials in solid and liquid forms, Sweeteners, Food acids, Flavors, Food materials, Actives and other substances to make Chewing gums a unique delivery system
  • Gum Bases provides Chew-texture masticatory properties
  • Delivers Taste, Salivation-juiciness, Oral care and other attributes depending upon types of Gums and consumer need
1. Conventional Gum Bases for
  • Fruit and Mints flavors
  • Sour acid Flavors
  • Non Stick to most dental work (NSD)
2.1 Bubble Gum Bases
  • Bubble gum bases - Regular
  • Fruit and Mints Flavors
  • Sour Acid flavors
2.2 Bubble gum bases for soft chew and Non-stick to face (BL -SC-NSF)
  • Fruit and Mints flavors
  • Sour acid flavors
3. Special Gum bases for Medicated chewing gums
4. Custom Bases

Regulatory - All Ingredients used to Manufacture Gum Bases meets US FDA Regulations.