Over 5 Decades of Global Experience

VENKOR SP Technology Platforms and Products are built over 50 years of Global Experience in

Superior Technologies

Innovations, science, technology, product development and commercialization.

Breakthrough Inventions

Breakthrough Inventions of 100 USA patents and several hundreds of international patents in many platforms – Specialty Food and Dietary supplements: Products.

80 Plus New Products Launched

Launching over 80 plus new Specialty Food and Dietary supplements: Products in global markets.

Encapsulated Ingredients

Development and commercialization of several encapsulated ingredients for multiple Consumer products for better consumer compliance, benefits and claims.

Speciality Chewing Gums & Gum Bases

Development and manufacturing of specialty chewing gums and gum bases.

Quality and Regulatory

Quality and Regulatory: Venkor SP follows all USA FDA regulations. All ingredients and finished products meet FDA regulations, Kosher, Allergen free and other requirements.